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Adult Kickboxing

If you want to tone up, build strength, lose weight, learn a self defence, boost your fitness levels and look great for Summer, then Athena kickboxing classes are for you! Our classes provide a great all round body workout in a friendly atmosphere and are great for both men and woman....

Kids Kickboxing

Our children’s martial arts programme is designed to help children reach their full potential and grow in confidence and develop self-esteem as well as developing effective self-defence techniques.


Athena Martial Arts’ founder, Lisa Boardman, is a third dan in Wado Ryu Karate, and has studied the style for around 20 years. The Karate syllabus consists of traditional line work, which is instructed soley in Japanese when students reach an intermediate level, focus mitt work, self defence and katas – a set form of blocking and striking techniques of which there are 15. If students wish, they can compete in kata at most competitions in and around the UK.

Wing Chun

Body Mind Spirit (BMS) has been designed as a complete martial art that allows the practitioner to apply it in any walk of life. BMS was founded by the late Derek Jones in the 1980s. Derek developed it from his study of Wing Chun and his experience of street fighting, for which he was well known. Central to the understanding of BMS is the concept of holistic self-defence (HSD); this allows you to perceive martial art from a very wide perspective in which you use your training to deal with any threat to your body, whether it be poor posture, negative thought patterns, verbal abuse or an actual physical attack.

Brand New

Woman Only Boxing (Non Contact)

Women’s Only Boxing Classes for Beginners Boxing Classe in Surrey. One of the fastest growing sports for women, nationally and globally, is women’s boxing.