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Lisa Boardman

Athena Martial Arts founder and chief instructor

Lisa Boardman

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Lisa's Martial Arts Journey

Lisa has been involved in martial arts since the age of 16 when she attended her first ‘sport karate’ session in Horley. Nearly 30 years later, Lisa has garnered a wealth of experience from some of the greatest martial artists out there.

From humble roots, Lisa set off on her martial arts journey always seeking to absorb as much information as possible. Along the way she attended a variety of schools teaching Tae Kwon Do, Lau Gar Kung Fu, Muay Thai and boxing. But she settled in the style of Wado Ryu Karate enjoying both the kata and traditional side of the art as well as relishing the ‘points fighting’ competition and physical element of the sport, which was later to become her forte.

She trained at a variety of clubs in the South East and would often venture hours away for training sessions under different instructors, including the world renown Neville Wray.

A proud moment was when she was selected to be a member of the infamous Team Swat with top fighters of the era such as Corey Cain, Billy Bryce, Peter Edwards, Chris Collymore and Jacey Cashman.

This gave her the platform for her to progress to be selected for the WAKO (newly named Kickboxing GB) GB Team in 2005, winning bronze in the 2005 World and 2006 European championships and silver in the 2007 World Championships.

While balancing the challenges of motherhood (she has two children) and working life (as a sports coach and personal trainer), Lisa is still eager to learn from all different styles of martial arts and is open minded to all.

She has recently started to learn more about K1, a full-contact hybrid style of kickboxing and Thai boxing, and brings any and all knowledge back to her students.

She attained her 4th dan in Wado Ryu Karate in 2019 along with her boxing level 1 coaching qualification.

And she has now just passed her Level 3 Diploma in personal training with YMCA Fit and is keen to share her fitness knowledge with her classes.  

“I truly believe martial arts is a journey that can and should be experienced by all.”

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