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Simon Hogg

Instructor of Body Mind Spirit (developed from Wing Chun)

Simon Hogg

Learn real street self defence from an expert

Simon's martial arts journey

Simon studied Wing Chun in the 1980s, but when he moved to inner London to attend University he needed to look for another Wing Chun school. He’d read about Derek’s school in Martial Arts Illustrated as he was on the front cover and, his interview with its editor, Bob Sykes made a lot of sense to him.

Simon explains: “A friend and I dropped in at his training centre on the Shepherds Bush High Road below some shops. Once I got over the fact that I would have to re-learn a number of things I had learnt in Wing Chun, as he had changed them from what he had found actually worked in real life situations, I was hooked.

“Over the next six years, the more I learnt about his martial art the more enlightened I found Derek to be,” said Simon.

The best part of my training in kickboxing has been the opportunity to compete in continuous fighting at tournament intermediate level and this has given me the chance to utilize and assess the progress in my emotional training that I have acquired through BMS.”

“I am passionate about teaching open-minded students the inner workings of this little-known martial art.”

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