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Wing Chun

Wing Chun Class

what you need to know about Wing Chun

Wing Chun is a southern Chinese style of Kung Fu made famous by the fact that it was the art of Bruce Lee.

It is the only martial art created by a woman, a Buddhist nun called Ng Mui, said to be one of the “Five Elders”, the founders of the Shaolin Temple.


Therefore it isn’t an art relying solely on physical strength and speed, but one of skill and technique. 

The version our Athena instructor Simon Hogg teaches (who has studied the art for more than 30 years) has been designed as a complete martial art that allows the practitioner to apply it to any walk of life and is taught using the methods of the late Derek Jones, who created his own brand of Wing Chun in the 1980s, which he called Body Mind Spirit (BMS).


BMS was developed from Wing Chun with street fighting experience at the core of its methods.

It is therefore believed to be one of the most effective styles of martial arts should the practitioner ever find themselves in a real-life street fight situation.


BMS Wing Chun training is a holistic approach to self-defence, enabling the practitioner to deal with any threat to one’s body, whether it be poor posture, negative thought patterns, verbal abuse or an actual physical attack. If you are after a true self-defence martial art, BMS Wing Chun is the one for you.

main key features about this class

t is a simple, realistic and very powerful combat system which uses proven principles to help you defend yourself.

If you want to reap the benefits of more self-confidence better focus and concentration whilst learning an effective self-defence system, Wing Chun Kung Fu is for You.

Improve your Skills

Benefits of wing chun

Make Wing Chun part of your weekly life, you’ll feel the following benefits.

Personal development
Reduce stress and improve Self Esteem
Make Friends and get social


Instructor of Body Mind Spirit (developed from Wing Chun)

Simon Hogg

Simon has been teaching BMS, casually, on a one to one basis for 10 years, and is now formally teaching it under Athena Martial Arts.

hard work

Amazing results

fun and healthy


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20:00 - 21:00


20:30 - 21:30

important things

This classes is designed for anyone over the age of 16yrs +

Just bring a bottle of water we will supply the equipment 

First Lesson is free 

16yrs or above 

Yes we can always offer a one to one classes 

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