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PT sessions and 1-1s

Personal Training, private 1-1 sessions and small group sessions

Personal Training sessions and 1 to 1s are also available with Athena instructors. 

Whether it’s to improve fitness, strength and stamina or to improve kickboxing, boxing or self defence techniques, our instructors can help you reach your goals. 

We are passionate about health, fitness and physical and emotional well being and how important exercise is in combating stress and we have a wealth of experience to share.  

Lisa Boardman is a Level 2 fitness instructor (YMCA Fit) Level 3 Personal Trainer (YMCA Fit), and also trained as an Insanity instructor, which focusses on high intensity training with movements based on athletic training.  

As well as all this, she is an England Boxing Level 1 coach.

Lisa’s martial arts pedigree includes:

  • Being a 4th dan in Wado Ryu Karate (with WAKO GB) 
  • Founder and owner of Athena Martial Arts
  • She was a member of the WAKO GB kickboxing squad and competed 5 times for the GB team winning a bronze and silver at the World Championships and bronze at the European Championships as well as countless accolades domestically during a competitive career that spanned over 20 years.

Lisa loves working with children and enjoyed five years as a sports coach in a primary school in Horley.



Lisa utilises all her experience and expertise to programme fun and suitably challenging sessions for her private clients.

Sessions offered by Lisa include:

  • Strength training  
  • Stamina training
  • All over body workout
  • Kickboxing/boxing for fitness
  • Self defence for women
  • Self defence and confidence building for children
  • Athletic sports training for children (group sessions available) these sessions are designed to work on and improve the fundamentals of sport such as agility, speed, balance, stability and power specifically for children. 

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